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Founded by Angelo Morano and Vincenzo Morano, Insider International Ltd has 19 years of experience in doing business within China and Italy.InsiderCHINA is the perfect platform for Italian companies that want to promote, communicate, sell and establish relationships in China.

Our team is China market developer enthusiast with the aim of reducing the culture gap taking full advantage of the new media and social media as main tool.

InsiderCHINA represents a selected range of lifestyle brands in food and beverage, wine, furniture and tiles field.

知机国际贸易(上海)有限公司由Angelo Morano 和 Vincenzo Morano两兄弟在沪设立,并在中意商务合作贸易上有着19年的 丰富经验。知机国际对希望来中国合作、交流、贸易和建立双边贸易关系的意大利企业来说是一个完美切合的平台。 知机国际团队热衷于带着摒弃异国文化差异、发挥新社交媒体的特长来开拓中国市场。


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